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Gobie Replacement Filter

The GOBIEH2O carbon filter is a critical element of the bottle’s innovative design. Sourced from one of the best filtration development companies in the world and designed with a commitment to conservation and reusability, the GOBIEH2O filter features an ingenious design with a strong scientific pedigree. Carbon is an extremely porous organic material that snares […]


Most humans are completely unaware of how sick our planet is right now. This is not a problem that we should deal with “for future generations”, we should deal with if for OUR generation NOW! The plastic waste we dispose of is being broken down in our oceans and eaten by fish, which are then […]


When looking into the ecological footprint of a product, the life cycle is the most environmentally important aspect to that analysis.  This includes how the materials are extracted, transported, manufactured, packaged, sold, and what happens to them after their use runs out.  Single use (disposable) water bottles have one of the worst life cycle analyses […]

Why Gobie

GOBIE h2o is an innovative and compelling design solution to the everyday problems involving water consumption. GOBIE is a patented, zero-waste, daily-use, filtered, portable, reusable, water bottle. It took three years in research and development to perfect this innovative design – a fully functional, extremely durable, incredibly elegant, water companion. The bottle’s form draws attention, […]

1 Billion Thirsty GOBIE

$5 from every bottle purchased is donated directly to 1 Billion Thirsty! GOBIE is teaming up with 1 Billion Thirsty to bring clean drinking water back to the people of Sierra Leone, west Africa.  One of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone has been devastated for years by war and famine, rendering access […]