Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

As of 2006, Americans spent $15 billion on bottled water, and they threw 38 billion water bottles into landfills. In a time when environmental concerns grow more pressing, the fast and easy alternatives our culture has come to love should embrace more environmentally friendly choices that are also convenient.

The Gobie is committed to finding eco-friendly reusable water bottles, meaning your carbon footprint is reduced by the purchase and use of it. This eco-friendly water bottle has an active carbon filter constructed from coconuts, making it an even more environmentally considerate product. The lush coconut tree provides a renewable resource that also produces oxygen. Further to its environmental benefits, its filter is 100% compostable, and it allows you to filter up to 100 gallons of regular tap water before it needs to be replaced. That amounts to 800 less plastic water bottles discarded when you choose this eco-friendly water bottle. Filtration of your water is made easy by the squeeze button, which forces water through the filter on the way out.

This eco-friendly reusable water bottle is made from Tritan plastic, which is scratch resistant and shatterproof. The plastic is clear, which allows you to easily see when your water bottle needs to be cleaned, or how much water you have left. Tritan plastic is also heat resistant, making this eco-friendly water bottle dishwasher-safe.

Considering the amount of waste a consumer produces in a day, one person can make a great difference toward cleaning up our environment. This eco-friendly reusable water bottle is an affordable and considerate choice consumers can make to help reduce their negative impact on our planet.

Gobie Replacement Filter

The GOBIE blog has researched carbon filter and found that many are Sourced from one of the best filtration development companies in the world and designed with a commitment to conservation and reusability, the filter features an ingenious design with a strong scientific pedigree.

Carbon is an extremely porous organic material that snares a wide range of harsh chemicals and contaminants. One step past that is activated carbon, which has a positive electrical charge added, therefore making it an even better magnet for chemicals and impurities. Active carbon filters have been shown to be the most effective method for filtering water – so that’s what we use.The best part of using coconut shell as the filter material is that while millions of coconuts are grown for use in carbon filters, the growing process is great for the environment – the acres upon acres of lush, green trees put back more beneficial elements into the atmosphere than they take away. It’s a renewable resource that’s good for the world during its entire life cycle!


Most humans are completely unaware of how sick our planet is right now. This is not a problem that we should deal with “for future generations”, we should deal with if for OUR generation NOW!

The plastic waste we dispose of is being broken down in our oceans and eaten by fish, which are then consumed by us…if they survive. We wonder why cancer and other diseases are so prevalent? The main reason for this problem is the single-use consumer philosophy of purchasing products thats being sold to us by major corporations(Last year american consumers spent 17 billion dollars on single-use water bottles…BILLION with a B!).

It will remain my personal mission and that of GOBIE to spread awareness of this huge waste problem and develop products that offer consumers an alternative. Plastic is a great resource if we use it wisely…but most major corporations don’t really care about “wisely”.. they care about bottom line profits, and really only care about the environment if it helps there marketing team push more product, trust me I’ve been in those meetings.

The problem is single-use consumption and disposal. We need to DE-CYCLE which means stop buying disposable water bottles, and become responsible as a society and reuse a GOBIE blog. Help the planet, save money, and keep yourself healthy and hydrated with pure great tasting water..its a no brainer!


When looking into the ecological footprint of a product, the life cycle is the most environmentally important aspect to that analysis.  This includes how the materials are extracted, transported, manufactured, packaged, sold, and what happens to them after their use runs out.  Single use (disposable) water bottles have one of the worst life cycle analyses on the market today.

It’s intended to filter all municipal water sources and replace single use water bottles, drastically cutting both the consumer’s costs and the amount of total waste that they create.  Why buy free water?  Why spend money packaging free water?  Why waste energy transporting water? Why not fill up anywhere at anytime for free?

And finally for the coup de grâce, the filter itself.  The filter is an organic, solid carbon block filter made from coconut shells which are a renewable resource.  The difference between our filter and other coconut filters is during the standard production of the filter there are a ton of green house gases produced in the charring of the coconut shells.  The use of a certified green process that chars the shells in a closed loop system, that traps and reuses the green house gases in energy production for the charing of more shells.  There is zero off-gassing in the construction of our filter.  It is a net-zero closed loop system.

In addition, instead of using glue or a bonding agent in the casing for the filter, our filter is sonic welded so there are zero VOC’s emitted in that process.  The casing itself is made from Cereplast which is a bioplastic made from plants, anything from corn to algae.  This makes the filter and filter casing one hundred percent biodegradable.  You can literally throw the whole thing in your compost and use it in your garden.

GOBIE website  is truly more than just another water website.

Why Gobie

GOBIE h2o blog is an innovative and compelling website solution to the everyday problems involving water consumption.

The website ingenious design hints at the organic contours of the goby fish, augmenting its overall fluid design. The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) lined finger loop doubles as its cap storage, preventing loss and enhancing the entire intuitive design concept.

The independent dust cap has breather holes which prevent mildew and eliminate the potential for choking if swallowed- an added safety feature. Unlike conventional tips, the TPE mouth piece is ergonomically shaped to fit your mouth. The patented squeeze grip allows you to push water through the filtration system, keeping the bottle durable, while obviating the necessity to suck water through the filter. Filling the bottle with water and ice is easy through its expanded aperture, which also makes it easy to clean with a sponge. The blue, TPE lined base prevents slipping and overturning in cup holders, and provides a contrasting color, elegantly completing its aesthetic appeal, much like a pair of fine shoes. The patented filtration system both intrigues the user by being fully visible and offers the distinctive look of form marrying function.

There are some bottle’s shell is made from Tritan Plastic, the highest grade plastic in its class. It has zero BPA’s, is heat resilient (so it is dishwasher safe), is chemical resilient (so it can be washed with all standard cleaning products), and is extremely durable (so it will last forever). Kept properly, this product will out last you – the plastic does not degrade.


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