When looking into the ecological footprint of a product, the life cycle is the most environmentally important aspect to that analysis.  This includes how the materials are extracted, transported, manufactured, packaged, sold, and what happens to them after their use runs out.  Single use (disposable) water bottles have one of the worst life cycle analyses on the market today.

It’s intended to filter all municipal water sources and replace single use water bottles, drastically cutting both the consumer’s costs and the amount of total waste that they create.  Why buy free water?  Why spend money packaging free water?  Why waste energy transporting water? Why not fill up anywhere at anytime for free?

And finally for the coup de grâce, the filter itself.  The filter is an organic, solid carbon block filter made from coconut shells which are a renewable resource.  The difference between our filter and other coconut filters is during the standard production of the filter there are a ton of green house gases produced in the charring of the coconut shells.  The use of a certified green process that chars the shells in a closed loop system, that traps and reuses the green house gases in energy production for the charing of more shells.  There is zero off-gassing in the construction of our filter.  It is a net-zero closed loop system.

In addition, instead of using glue or a bonding agent in the casing for the filter, our filter is sonic welded so there are zero VOC’s emitted in that process.  The casing itself is made from Cereplast which is a bioplastic made from plants, anything from corn to algae.  This makes the filter and filter casing one hundred percent biodegradable.  You can literally throw the whole thing in your compost and use it in your garden.

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