When looking into the ecological footprint of a product, the life cycle is the most environmentally important aspect to that analysis.  This includes how the materials are extracted, transported, manufactured, packaged, sold, and what happens to them after their use runs out.  Single use (disposable) water bottles have one of the worst life cycle analyses on the market today.  GOBIE is a solution to that problem.

We all know the problems associated with single use water bottles so I will skip over that and focus purely on how GOBIE addresses those problems.

GOBIE h2o is a zero waste, daily-use, portable, reusable filtered water bottle.  It’s intended to filter all municipal water sources and replace single use water bottles, drastically cutting both the consumer’s costs and the amount of total waste that they create.  Why buy free water?  Why spend money packaging free water?  Why waste energy transporting water? Why not fill up anywhere at anytime for free?

To start, GOBIE h2o is not only made in the U.S. which lets us know that the conditions for construction are all up to snuff, but it is manufactured in the same town as our offices.  We can literally drive over to the manufacturer to check on the product.  This eliminates the need to fly or travel every time we want to meet at the manufacturer. This gives us a direct connection to production and drastically decreases our carbon footprint.

The bottle itself is made from Tritan Plastic which is the highest grade plastic in its field.  It has zero BPA’s, is heat resilient (so it is dishwasher safe), it is chemical resilient (so it can be washed with all standard cleaning products), and it is extremely durable (so it will last forever).  The plastic itself does not degrade over time so if kept properly, this product will last as long as you will.

The design of the product is not only attractive but it makes its everyday use extremely convenient.  From the finger loop that doubles as the dust cap storage, to the dust cap itself having breather holes that prevent mildew build up and if swallowed by a child, it will not block their air passage.  The squeezable rubber grip is made from medical grade, FDA approved, thermoplastic elastomer that has zero VOC’s and does not degrade.

And finally for the coup de grâce, the filter itself.  The filter is an organic, solid carbon block filter made from coconut shells which are a renewable resource.  The difference between our filter and other coconut filters is during the standard production of the filter there are a ton of green house gases produced in the charring of the coconut shells.  The use of a certified green process that chars the shells in a closed loop system, that traps and reuses the green house gases in energy production for the charing of more shells.  There is zero off-gassing in the construction of our filter.  It is a net-zero closed loop system.

In addition, instead of using glue or a bonding agent in the casing for the filter, our filter is sonic welded so there are zero VOC’s emitted in that process.  The casing itself is made from Cereplast which is a bioplastic made from plants, anything from corn to algae.  This makes the filter and filter casing one hundred percent biodegradable.  You can literally throw the whole thing in your compost and use it in your garden.  Our filter system is the first zero-waste filter on the market.  Other companies’ filter casings are made of petroleum based plastic which means when expired, they still have to be thrown out.  This process is just trading one type of trash for another.  By using a zero-waste filtration system, GOBIE h2o’s filter is a solution to the problem and not just another Band Aid.  And as a bonus, our filter lasts 100 gallons instead of 20 gallons, which appears to be the industry standard.  That means our filter lasts 5 times longer than other filters on the market today.

One GOBIE filter saves the equivalent to 1067 single use bottles from ending up in our landfills, waterways, and oceans. That is 4268 bottles per year, per person.  The implications are huge.

Even our packaging is made of post consumer recycled material.  GOBIE did not cut any corners or shave on any costs that would sacrifice our innovation or passion to better the future of our planet.  GOBIE is truly more than just another water bottle – it is a change in concept.

Well, that is a summary of our product.  I hope you like it as much as we do.