Most humans are completely unaware of how sick our planet is right now. This is not a problem that we should deal with “for future generations”, we should deal with if for OUR generation NOW!

The plastic waste we dispose of is being broken down in our oceans and eaten by fish, which are then consumed by us…if they survive. We wonder why cancer and other diseases are so prevalent? The main reason for this problem is the single-use consumer philosophy of purchasing products thats being sold to us by major corporations(Last year american consumers spent 17 billion dollars on single-use water bottles…BILLION with a B!).

It will remain my personal mission and that of GOBIE to spread awareness of this huge waste problem and develop products that offer consumers an alternative. Plastic is a great resource if we use it wisely…but most major corporations don’t really care about “wisely”.. they care about bottom line profits, and really only care about the environment if it helps there marketing team push more product, trust me I’ve been in those meetings.

The problem is single-use consumption and disposal. We need to DE-CYCLE which means stop buying disposable water bottles, and become responsible as a society and reuse a GOBIE blog. Help the planet, save money, and keep yourself healthy and hydrated with pure great tasting water..its a no brainer!