Purified water bottles are a critical element in the battle for the health of the planet. Most people are not aware of the terrible effects of disposable plastic water bottles and the huge volume of waste material they become after use. To address this growing problem, H2O has created a re-usable purified water bottle that has eliminated the need to add to landfills yet gives you the highest quality water.

Purified water bottles use a state-of-the-art filter to create hundreds of gallons of purified water before it must be replaced. This high-tech solution uses activated carbon, one of nature’s best filtering materials. Carbon is a naturally porous organic filter that traps harsh chemicals and other contaminants. When activated, it also adds an electrical charge to the filter that attracts many other impurities, keeping them out of the water that you drink. In keeping with the commitment to minimize pollution, the filter itself is made from coconut shells in an eco-friendly manufacturing process and is completely biodegradable. After you have enjoyed hundreds of gallons of purified water, you can rest easily, knowing that the used filter will not add to the planet’s problems.

Get on the bandwagon and do your part to eliminate the waste created by disposable water bottles. Pick up a purified water bottle or replacement filter. See our passion at where you can also find out more about our purified water bottle and how it contributes to a healthier planet.