Filtered Water Bottle

GOBIE h2o is an innovative and compelling design solution to the everyday problems involving water consumption. GOBIE is a patented, zero-waste, daily-use, filtered, portable, reusable, water bottle. It took three years in research and development to perfect this innovative design – a fully functional, extremely durable, incredibly elegant, water companion. The bottle’s form draws attention, its function is necessary, and together they offer the ultimate solution to the significant adverse environmental impact of disposable, single-use water bottles: a design perfected at a time when its need could not be more relevant.

GOBIE h2o is convenient, comfortable to carry, and easy to refill from any faucet, fountain, or spigot that provides potable water. It enhances the flavor of tap water by eliminating unnecessary additives, facilitating adequate hydration.

The bottle’s ingenious shape hints at the organic contours of the goby fish, augmenting its overall fluid design. The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) lined finger loop doubles as its cap storage, preventing loss and enhancing the entire intuitive design concept. The independent dust cap has breather holes which prevent mildew and eliminate the potential for choking if swallowed- an added safety feature. Unlike conventional tips, the TPE mouth piece is ergonomically shaped to fit your mouth. The patented squeeze grip allows you to push water through the filtration system, keeping the bottle durable, while obviating the necessity to suck water through the filter. Filling the bottle with water and ice is easy through its expanded aperture, which also makes it easy to clean with a sponge. The blue, TPE lined base prevents slipping and overturning in cup holders, and provides a contrasting color, elegantly completing its aesthetic appeal, much like a pair of fine shoes. The patented filtration system both intrigues the user by being fully visible and offers the distinctive look of form marrying function.

The bottle’s shell is made from Tritan Plastic, the highest grade plastic in its class. It has zero BPA’s, is heat resilient (so it is dishwasher safe), is chemical resilient (so it can be washed with all standard cleaning products), and is extremely durable (so it will last forever). Kept properly, this product will out last you – the plastic does not degrade.

The heart of GOBIE is a certified, green, active carbon block filter trapped in a sonically welded casing formed from bioplastic made of organic matter (which can be anything ranging from corn to algae). This filtration system makes GOBIE the first 100% biodegradable unit, the birth of a net zero-waste water bottle.

GOBIE’s design takes the Seventh Generation principle to heart, by not cutting corners or shaving costs that would compromise the overall integrity of the bottle. GOBIE replaces trash with regenerative design, utilizing everyday functionality with masterful form. GOBIE is your everyday water companion.